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Antipattern: Daily Standup is Too Long

Scrum recommends timeboxing daily standup meetings at 15 minutes. If you can’t finish in 15 minutes, there may be something wrong with your format. Are you actually standing up? What are you talking about? Each person should answer three questions: What have you accomplished since the last meeting? What do you plan to accomplish between now and the next meeting?… Read more →

All Projects Should Be Early

From a Jeff Sutherland Scrum deck: You can maximize the value delivered per unit of time or cost by shipping when the value curve starts to flatten out. Read more →

It’s a Seller’s Job Market in IT Right Now, Especially for Agile

I recently concluded a 3-month job search. As part of my networking, I met a number of unemployed people in other fields who were having trouble not only getting jobs, but even getting interviews. I talked to a lot of people and averaged about an interview a day, including phone interviews, mostly for development manager jobs. For every development manager… Read more →

Customer Discovery and Customer Validation

Ask yourself these questions: Do these users in your user stories exist and have you ever spoken to them? How are these features helping your customers achieve their goals? Are these benefits based on any quantitative or qualitative data? — The Product Owner’s Dilemma | Scrumology Read more →

The Essence of Scrum

Good short article by Tobias Mayer on the principles of empiricism, emergence and self-organization, and the mechanisms of prioritization and timeboxing. Read more →

How’s That WBS Working for You?

Michael James posted this annotated job listing in the Scrum group on Yahoo . . . [Redacted] is looking for a dedicated and experienced application developer [blah blah blah] to ensure delivery of high quality artifacts, to adhere and to follow [Redacted]’s SDLC. This is an excellent opportunity [blah blah blah] well-known Fortune 50 company. Tasks and responsibilities [clip] Provide… Read more →

Agile Manifesto 2.0

I’ll share with you what I do in one of my standard presentations — I play with the class or with the audience a game called “Rewrite the Agile Manifesto (link) with your thoughts and feelings now.” Here is one of the outcomes: Beyond individuals and interactions to hyper-productive swarming jelled teams and communities of practice. Beyond working software to… Read more →

Kanban, Scrum, User Stories, System Design

Scrum-ban Kanban bootstrap Elements of taskboard design A Kanban System for Software Engineering Naked Planning Explained – Kanban in the Small Kanban Development Oversimplified The new user story backlog is a map Read more →

Kanban and Scrum: Making the Most of Both

Free download courtesy of Henrik Kniberg, Mattias Skarin and InfoQ.com. The book includes: Kanban and Scrum in a nutshell Comparison of Kanban and Scrum and other Agile methods Practical examples and pitfalls Cartoons and diagrams illustrating day-to-day work Detailed case study of a Kanban implementation within a Scrum organization Read more →

Customer Engagement

You want to actively elicit feedback from end users using short development cycles or by using prototypes and models during analysis. A good feedback cycle has the appearance of causing problems. It will cause emergent and latent requirements to surface. That means rework: the value of prototypes is that they push this rework back into analysis, where it has more… Read more →

Adventures in Agile: The Scrum Board

For 3-1/2 months, we’ve been using a scrum board — not the one in the photo, but similar — to track tasks on a development project. Tasks start out on the left side of the board in a Not Started column, then move through In Progress, Code Complete and User Testing on the way to Done. Today someone said, “We… Read more →

Why Would You Use Agile for Offshore Development?

More of my customers have been asking me how to use agile processes, particularly Scrum, to help them manage offshore development. Since offshore development undercuts many of the practices that promote agile productivity, I ask them why they don’t just increase the productivity of their teams by thoroughly introducing agility? It seems that offshore development, with its potential for lower… Read more →

Essence of Lean

From Alan Shalloway: Essence of Lean for People Doing Scrum Lots of concurrent tasks cause waste Focusing on removing delays will remove waste Adding value and getting feedback quickly is important If you make a mistake and don’t attend to why you made the mistake, it will likely repeat itself Minimizing work in process (WIP) is a way of improving… Read more →

Scrum Doesn’t Do Anything

In the end it doesn’t matter what names you use for your processes, good people will do good work and continuously improve what they do. So much of the discussion around Lean versus Scrum (etc.) is about marketing hype, selling consulting and training services, and cornering the market with new name-brands. . . . Scrum is not a methodology, it… Read more →

Scrum Cheat Sheet

Read this doc on Scribd: Scrum Cheat Sheet Read more →

Waterfall: The USSR of Software

Think of waterfall as being similar in concept to the old USSR central planning of the economy. Think of Scrum as similar to a market economy. — Ken Schwaber Read more →

The Customer is NOT Always Right

Great sequence of posts on the scrumdevelopment Yahoo group . . . Person A says the number one rule of business is that the customer is always right. Person B says the customer is NOT always right, like his customer who wants an auction system like eBay on a budget of $1,500. Person A says Person B needs to shut… Read more →

How Long Should it Take to Define a Project?

Project X hit a milestone called Vision/Scope seven months ago, 99 days late. It’s 312 days late on the current milestone, which is called Definition. To date, the project has consumed 36,000 labor hours — 18 person-years — and $2.5 million. At this morning’s enterprise-level status meeting, it was decided that Project X will be put on indefinite hold, as… Read more →