How’s That WBS Working for You?

29 Jul 2011 /
Sample Work Breakdown Structure

Michael James posted this annotated job listing in the Scrum group on Yahoo . . .

[Redacted] is looking for a dedicated and experienced application developer [blah blah blah] to ensure delivery of high quality artifacts, to adhere and to follow [Redacted]’s SDLC. This is an excellent opportunity [blah blah blah] well-known Fortune 50 company.

Tasks and responsibilities


  • Provide accurate and timely estimates (work breakdown schedules)
  • Must have proven ability to provide project estimates and work-breakdown schedules

And you know these guys are getting great results from their precise WBS and SDLC because of these lines:

  • Must be extremely responsive, able to work under pressure in crisis with a strong sense of urgency
  • 24/7 on call responsibilities on a rotational basis

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