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Boo Hoo! The President Made My Income Go Down


Under Mr. Bush and the Republican Congress, incomes today are $1,000 less for the typical household than during Bill Clinton’s final year in office; incomes for the typical working-age household have declined every year since the president took office. — Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee chairman BOO HOO HOO! The President made my income go down. I’ve never understood the mechanism behind the president or Congress making my income go up or down. Can someone explain that to me? You know who I think makes my income go up or down? ME! I’ve made decisions that made my income go UP, and I’ve made decisions that made my income go DOWN. Who is the target audience for this tripe? People who want to believe they have no control over their own lives? People who need to blame all their problems on others? It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s my boss’s… Read more →

Never Give In


Never give in. Never give in; never, never, never, never. In matters great or small, large or petty, give in only to convictions of honor and good sense. — Winston Churchill Read more →