Ask HW: Why Aren’t There More Black Head Coaches in the NFL?


The conventional wisdom on this is that black coaches are hired on merit, while white coaches are hired by racists.

Idi Amin


NFL owners would hire former Ugandan strongman Idi Amin to coach their team if

  1. he wasn’t already dead; and
  2. he could field a championship-caliber ballclub.

And Amin was blacker than outer space.

What teams really don’t like to do is to take a chance on an unproven guy. Because if you hire a coach who’s been around for a while and he fails, people say “What’s wrong with Coach Whositz?” but if you hire a new guy — black, white or other — and he fails, people say “What’s wrong with you?”

Big difference!

And that’s why — in every sport — you see the same collection of mediocre retreads hired, over and over and over . . .

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