Another Reason I Let My Wife Handle the Grocery Shopping


IRVINE — A mentally disturbed man wielding a samurai-style sword killed two workers and slashed three other people at an Albertsons before police shot and killed him Sunday.

Orange County Register, June 30, 2003


We used to live about a mile from this place — my wife shopped at this Albertsons all the time, my son and I walked to the Starbucks across the parking lot on weekend mornings . . . it’s absolutely the safest place in a safe city.

The Register goes on to quote a neighborhood optimist:

‘This was a sick person, and Albertsons was nice enough to give him work. I hope that (type of practice) continues.’

Really!? I don’t.

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    Brian Baumgartner
    15 Feb 2007 at 10:19 pm

    Regarding Albertsons being “nice enough to employ a mentally disturbed person and hoping that the practice would continue” (paraphrasing). This practice certainly will contine, though “being nice” has next to nothing to do with the matter. Albertsons gets a nice tax break for hiring “tax deductibles” (people with mental or physical handicaps). These tax credits more than cover the wages of the employee and the effort to pick the slack created (if any). Thus, the company actually makes a small profit on employing this unfortunates.

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