To Live and Die in Irvine

12 Feb 2009 /

IRVINE – A group of solemn people sat around tables at a fast-food Chinese restaurant off Jeffrey Road on Wednesday night after a man was shot and killed while sitting in a white Lexus parked behind the eatery.

Irvine police investigate the case

At least he died in a nice car. It’s Irvine, Jake!

This happened a stone’s throw from my house. Well, more than a stone’s throw but let’s say a hard 5-iron with a good bounce off Trabuco Road.

I’ve been to that Chinese restaurant many times. (It’s a dine-in restaurant, not a fast-food place, despite what the Register says.)

Don’t worry about me though. Irvine is still the safest city in the country.

That guy must have gotten himself mixed up in some kind of trouble . . .

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