Prison Sex: A Win-Win Scenario

23 Sep 2003 /

Convicted child sex abuser and defrocked Roman Catholic priest John Geoghan died Saturday after he was apparently strangled by a fellow inmate at a Massachusetts prison, according to local officials.

I don’t consider myself a bleeding heart by any means, but if I were running a prison, I’d segregate the child molesters from the people who want to kill child molesters.

A colleague of mine at work wants to segregate everyone from everyone because he says if he were in prison, he wouldn’t want to be raped, and he believes that others should be afforded the same courtesy.

“Not only that,” he says, “but I read somewhere that one in 10 prisoners has AIDS, so if you get raped 10 times, that’s like a death sentence.”

“How about if we let the other prisoners continue to rape you,” I ask, “but we make them wear a condom?”

Always looking for the win-win . . .

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