The Bright Side of Bruin Football

12 Dec 2005 /

Sure, they just absorbed their worst defeat in 75 years, but at least they’re not suffering through the kind of mortifying off-the-field incidents that characterized the Bob Toledo era!

Well, except for placekicker Justin Medlock driving around drunk at 3 A.M., rolling his car over on the 405 freeway, and walking away from the wreckage with a seriously injured girl still inside.

The CHP found the truck and the girl, and later arrested Medlock about a mile and a half from the scene.

OK, so except for that one thing . . .

No, wait, does driving under the influence resulting in injuries, having a blood alcohol level above 0.8, and felony hit-and-run count as one thing or three things?

And here I can’t resist an obvious joke:

Q: Why is the Bruin football team like Justin Medlock’s car?

A: They both roll over easily.

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