Cartoon Violence

8 Feb 2006 /
Of course you know this means war.
— Bugs Bunny

Muslims are offended by cartoons portraying them as violent fanatics. Naturally, they’ve responded with violent fanatacism. I’ll say one thing for these people, they know how to stage a lively protest. Yesterday, a few protestors got so enthusiastic that they had to be killed.

UK Muslims protest cartoons

Hamshahri, a prominent Iranian newspaper, has launched a cartoon counter-offensive: a competition for Holocaust cartoons.

Hey, I’ve got an idea! You have a drawing of Hitler standing at a podium, big swastika behind him, addressing a packed hall of Nazis, and he says

“I think I may say, without fear of contradiction . . .”


(Okay, I stole that from an old New Yorker cartoon, but how many people in Iran take the New Yorker?)

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