No Pants


My 12-year-old son just got out of the shower and settled into his bed for a few games of Solitaire on his iPod. His mom is not happy that he didn’t bother to put any clothes on.

“Wear some pants,” she says to him.

“No pants!” he yells. “I’m free!”

“You’ve got to wear pants!” she yells back at him.

“I feel free! I feel like I have no boundaries! Heck, if there wasn’t a dress code, I wouldn’t even wear pants to school!”

Here, he breaks into song:

I want to break free!
I want to break free!
I want to break freeeeee!

“I feel like I’m breaking free of boundaries that may be holding me back! And now I’m going to moon the neighbors.”

Sounds like a good idea to me — I don’t like the neighbors anyway — but his mom intercepts him before he can get to the window.

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