I Made a Mistake on the Hockey Jerseys


OK, I made a mistake on the hockey jerseys . . .

My son’s playing on a new team this season so I had to order new jerseys for him. They asked me what name I wanted to put on the back and I don’t know why, but I gave his first name instead of his last name.

It’s the only thing he talked about all weekend.

“I had my first name on my jersey in second grade!” he said. (He’s in seventh now.) “Does Steve Yzerman have ‘Steve'” — he draws out the “e” sound to make it sound extra ridiculous — “on the back of his jersey? NO! ‘GOAL, NUMBER 19! STEEEEVE!'”

Every time I tried to talk to him about something else, he’d look at me with a goofy blank stare on his face.

“Did you understand what I just said?” I’d ask.

“Does Teemu Selanne have TEEMU on the back of his jersey? . . .”

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