Whatever Happened to Love?

Winning by Jack Welch book cover

In the old days, greed and covetousness were seen as sinful; now they are encouraged. Jack Welch’s Winning sets the tone. The author grins manically from the cover – despite the silver hair, manicured nails and perfect teeth, he looks like Beelzebub incarnate.

But why is “winning” so great? Because, says Welch, it enables people to make lots of money which . . . erm . . . enables them to “get better healthcare, buy vacation homes, and secure a comfortable retirement”. That’s it. Those are the three goals of our mortal existence, otherwise known as more pills, more mortgages and more burglar alarms. Whatever happened to joy, pleasure, brotherhood? Whatever happened to enjoying life? Whatever happened to creativity? Whatever happened to love?

  2 comments for “Whatever Happened to Love?

  1. hugh spencer
    3 Sep 2007 at 4:19 pm

    dont argue about it, discuss it.when either party raises their voice they must take their clothes off[this is by previous agreement],but if there is no agreement to disagree,stop drinking or spending money and see how you both feel about that.It is a two way street and you must agree on your love for each other first or you both loose.

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