Asians and Idiots


My son’s junior high school is having a co-ed pickleball tournament at lunch. The results are posted on the school web site. The funny thing is that if a team name contains any sort of cultural reference, the P.E. teacher in charge of the tournament either can’t or won’t put the name on the web site without a deliberate misspelling.

For example, 3 White Guys and a Hindu becomes 3 Wite Gus and a Hidu, because identifying someone as white, male or Hindu is unacceptable.

Curiously enough, the team name 3 Blondes and a Brunette comes through unscathed. Why are people allowed to self-identify as blondes, but not as white guys or Hindus? It seems like the same thing to me.

The weirdest one to me is 4 Asians and an Idiot, which comes out as 4 Ans and an Idiot.

I ask my son, “Who’s the idiot?”

“Some white guy,” he says.

“Why is it okay to call someone an idiot but not an Asian?”

“It’s not racial.”

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