Coconut Pancakes


The Epps family was in Thai Town in Hollywood late Friday night. Most establishments were already closed . . . one exception was a Thai sweet shop called Bhan Kanom Thai, across the street from the famous Sanamluang Cafe.

There were three generations of Thai women in the shop: 1) A very cute, very poised 9-year-old girl, who probably could have run the place herself; her mom; and Grandma, who was cooking up some coconut pastries about the size, shape and consistency of silver dollar pancakes.

My wife walked out with about 25 dollars worth of the coconut pastries and other goodies.

When we got back on the 101 South, our son announced he was hungry.

“Try those coconut pancakes,” I said. “Best thing I ever tasted. I’m in heaven.”

“I don’t like coconut,” he said.

“How can you not like coconut?” my wife asked in alarm. “It’s a main ingredient in Asian food.”

“There’s no coconut in chow mein,” the boy said, by way of counterexample.

We couldn’t get him to try any, but that’s okay . . . more pancakes for me.

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