Naked People on a Glacier

Naked people on a glacier
In this image supplied by Greenpeace, U.S. artist Spencer Tunick and Greenpeace Switzerland present hundreds of naked people to symbolize the vulnerability of glaciers under climate change.

Is that what it’s supposed to symbolize?

What did it symbolize when he photographed hundreds of naked people in Venezuela, France, Britain, etc., etc., etc.

Isn’t anyone else bored out of their minds with this idiot yet? He’s like that miscreant who dresses up Weimaraners, and everyone else who has one limited idea and keeps repeating it over and over and over.

I don’t claim to be a great artist, but let me tell you how this glacier shoot should have been done:

You put the hundreds of people on the glacier, at which time they discover to their dismay that they’re stuck there like a tongue on a lamppost. You leave them there to slowly starve to death and decompose.

It reeks of symbolism . . .

  2 comments for “Naked People on a Glacier

  1. paul epps
    2 Oct 2007 at 3:14 pm

    All this assumes that we agree that Global Warming,
    1> exists,
    2> that it’s caused by the White man in the West.
    3> that the World’s temperature has NEVER changed over the past 50 million years.

    Years ago, the Media was in a great flap… Greepeace, or some other Liberals had discovered that we had a Large Hole in The Ozone Layer over the South Pole!!!! panic stations!!! It was – of course – caused by the the Nasty Industrial Nations. The fact that these were/are situated in the Northern Hemisphere, could not be explained in plain language, but they found a explanation so twisted in its logic that they lost their audience on the way.

    Sorry to go on about that BUT, BUT we don’t hear anything about the Hole in the Ozone Layer… or do we?
    it’s like Global Warming, IT WAS A CON, in a few years the Media and your ex.Vice President will have found something new to beat the West (for the benefit of the Indians and Chinese).

  2. PE
    2 Oct 2007 at 3:50 pm

    Wait a minute. Is your name really Paul Epps?

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