Another Difference Between Dogs and Cats

26 Dec 2007 /

PULLMAN, Wash. — A 6-year-old border collie died in a house fire after waking up his owner out of a deep sleep to warn her of the blaze.

Marilyn Harvey and her son, Brent, rushed out the basement door, but Sandler turned back. Marilyn’s husband, John Harvey, who was in Seattle at the time of the fire, thinks it was because Sandler wanted to save the family’s 17-year-old Australian shepherd, who was still inside the house.

Both dogs died in last Friday’s fire, along with a bird named Kellogg. A cat named Raja escaped unharmed.

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  1. Mike

    27 Dec 2007 @ 5:51 am

    An other selfless example of how dogs interact/improve our lives—exactly why Lassie was such an icon.
    Is it just me—or is this blog running on all eight?

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