Wives of Spanking Husbands Club

From the front page of the Los Angeles Times 70 years ago today, Jan. 26, 1938:

Wives of Spanking Husbands
Form Girls’ Auxiliary to Club

SIOUX FALLS (S. D.) Jan. 25 (AP) — Wives of Spanking Husbands’ Club, organized in Sioux City, Iowa, and parent organization of fifty-nine such clubs throughout the nation according to its own figures–reached out for another slice of territory today.

The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary–Daughters of Spanking Parents.


A letter received here from Sioux City and signed “Rita Rae, general delivery,” told of plans for the new organization for which she claimed an initial membership of seventeen. Any girl above the age of 11 years is eligible to join, Mrs. Rae wrote.

“We think all parents should spank their daughters when they don’t behave,” Mrs. Rae wrote. “Some girls won’t admit it, but the really know it is better to get spanked than scolded and nagged. Spanking creates a better understanding between parents and daughters.”


Mrs. Rae is the president of the Wives of Spanking Husbands, which was organized last June 26 under the broad-minded slogan “Spare the hairbrush and spoil the wife.”

“Our husbands don’t beat us,” the Sioux City woman was careful to explain. “They just turn us over their knees and give us a good sound spanking.”

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  1. liketobespanked 505
    23 Oct 2011 at 8:30 pm

    He spanked me this morning ,it got a little rough it hurt more than usual. But I was glad but only a little soar suprisingly. I like to have bottom.

  2. Kili1
    24 Oct 2011 at 3:02 am

    well watch what you ask for because punishment spankings are supposed to hurt and not be fun. They are suppose to remind you to follow the rules and not act up. I’ve had spankings where my bottom has been soar for a couple days afterward so make sure this is what you really want and not just some playful spanking while being intimate. It’s ok if you enjoy it as well a lot of people do . Even a punishment spanking can be somewhat enjoyable. Maybe bit during the spanking as that is usually painful but when your husband pulls you close afterward and holds caresses and forgives you for your behavior it creates a bond if intimacy Luke no other and that is a great feeling! Good luck to you !

  3. HECK
    25 Nov 2011 at 3:19 pm

    All of you need to get help!

    This is WRONG of your husbands to do!!!

  4. Ann S
    28 Nov 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Wow, I have not been on here in two years. Never say never. I swore on here that my husband would never spank me. He yells, lectures and makes me sit and listen. He was so afraid to hurt me, afraid of leaving bruises. One day he was lecturing me and I just couldn’t stand it and said that I’d rather he spanked me instead. He had heard my wishes before and he did some sexual spanking. Usually I do listen to him and he only ever had to lecture to get me to listen to him… but I would cry and hated it. It left me drained. Well, I guess he realized that even after some hard hand spanking for sex fun, he did not leave anything more than a red bottom. He always said he couldn’t leave bruises as a man can be arrested. I think it took him over a year to finally realize that my butt is tougher than he thought. Well, he stopped his lecturing in mid sentence. He knew I knew why he was upset with me. Finally he pulled out a kitchen chair and yanked me over his knee. I felt like I was in a John Wayne movie. He started to spank me over my skirt and then told me to stand up and strip from the waist down. I protested and he yanked my skirt off and yanked me over his knee. He spanked on my undies and then I protested when he yanked them down. He told me I did not get to make the rules to how I was to be spanked. He had me in a lock. I was bent over his left leg and pinned with his right. All I could do was try to get my fingers to touch the floor, as I was dangling. He spanked me with his hand very hard and for about 20 minutes with a few breaks. I never thought he’d do it. He said he’d never do it, but we don’t argue so much anymore and I think he likes it. He has since been brave enough to use a hairbrush on me. I do have a tough butt and once he realized that I wasn’t a bruiser, he liked that hairbrush. He doesn’t like spanking me at all and told me he’d stop. He said if I’d rather be spanked than yelled at, so be it. He’d rather not spank me, so he’s still against it, but somewhere deep inside he sees it works for me. Now if I am mouthy, disrespectful or disobedient, etc. I don’t get a lecture. He tells me to meet him in the basement. He has a workshop with a chair for me and I am asked to bring the hairbrush. It’s private with steel doors and no one can hear our private business. Once I get to the basement workshop, I am told to remove all my clothing and I can’t cover myself or hide. He sits on the chair and I have to bend over his knees. Hands and toes on the floor. I protested about having to strip naked and the hairbrush spankings, but he said that I’m not in charge of how I get spanked. He said the point of the spanking was to make me submissive and him dominant, which he tried to do by lecturing me. So, spankings really hurt a lot. I guess that’s the point. I never realized that it would hurt and I’d be kicking, ouching and yelping. It’s kind of embarrassing how much I can fuss. He likes to spank long hard and cover every inch of my backside. He usually had to grab me around the waist with his left arm to lock me in place. Two years ago, he’d never consider doing this. I had to come back and tell my story. Last night I woke him up at 2am. I felt like having sex. It had been a while with busy schedules. He told me he’d have sex with me alright, but first I was getting a good otk spanking for waking him up. lol. He striped off my nightgown and spanked me good and hard on my bare behind with his hand. He did classic DD position with me straddling his left knee and my torso on the bed. He pinned my hand behind my back and spanked me good and red. Then he said we could have sex. That was a turn on, but that old wooden hairbrush is wicked on my backside. He used his belt once too and made me bend over his work table. I don’t like the yelling or lecturing. I’d rather take a spanking. The other is too psychologically damaging to me. I’m an adult and it’s consensual. I asked for it. He said no way and yet, two years later, he’s become quite an expert spanker. I’m usually red and then pink for a few days. It hurts to sit down, but I’m not so psychologically drained as with the stupid lectures. I think he finally realizes that.

  5. Ann
    30 Nov 2011 at 1:16 pm

    To Heck and others… I thought about whether I needed therapy. I think many of us do think about it. Neither me nor my husband were spanked as children. I’m married way over 20 years. Our sex life is hotter than ever. Kili is right, there is a sexual component. Someone has to be the boss and make final decisions. We are both alpha types. He does what I want 95% of the time, but 5% of the time I won’t give in. I get nasty, stubborn and want my way 100% of the time. He used to lecture me on why he felt we had to do things his way. We are talking about him wanting his way 5% of the time. If I need therapy, it’s because I’m a control freak. I hate the lectures. After a good spanking, I’m pretty submissive and give in. It’s an endorphin rush. I calm down. Last night he spanked me good in the bedroom after the kids were asleep. I was stressing out so much about stupid things. He felt I needed a maintenance spanking. He has since learned about DD in the last two years. He did classic DD position with me straddling his left leg with my torso on the bed. Skirt up and panties off. A good hand spanking and then a good spanking with the hairbrush. Long and hard until I felt calm. We had totally hot sex after that. There is a huge sexual component to it. You can’t have two bosses and I can’t say he is unfair, as I get my way nearly all of the time. He isn’t abusing me if it’s consensual. If I don’t want to hear his lecture on why something should be done his way, now he asks if I need a good spanking. Usually I argue on and on and then he tells me to go get the hairbrush. A good session in the basement with my bare butt on fire usually settles things. If I say it didn’t turn me on, I’d be lying… no matter how much it hurts. I don’t like wimpy men, they don’t turn me on. I can walk all over a man and I need a man to take me in hand. He finally stepped up to the plate. My only regret is he didn’t lay down the law on our wedding night and spank me back then. We would have avoided years of not talking to each other, fighting and more. I’m surprised we aren’t divorced after all those years of arguing. Now the argument is settled over his knee on my bare butt, anyway he wants to do it. I hated the shouting, arguing and the ‘sit down, shut up and listen to me’ stuff. All I did was cry. I don’t even cry with spanking. Yelp, yes… cry, no. Have hot sex after it is over… definitely. It’s hard to separate the punishment from the sexual turn on. Once in a while he’ll spank me so hard, I won’t want sex. Real hard punishment leaves me not wanting that. That is rare though that I get my butt busted that hard. Two years ago, he’d never consider this. Whatever works. Too many people are divorced these days. If I need my butt busted to stop my arguing and wanting to control everything, then so be it. I asked for this and I don’t need therapy… not when it makes me submissive, gives me an endorphin rush and has me begging him to take me rough in bed. lol. Yes, it gets sexual.

  6. Leighanne
    12 Dec 2011 at 12:05 pm

    My wife of almost 30 years routinely spanks or paddles me. I accept and encourage her female dominance over me. I find I am more orally attentive to her after a good ass beating.

  7. Kili1
    23 Dec 2011 at 5:38 am

    Heck… Why is it you folks always blame the husbands… Did it ever occur to you that we women know what we want and need from our men? I have been in all kinds of relationships from equal partners to ones where I felt like their mom and even a physically abusive one and there is a huge difference between a Conde tusk agreement and a man who just beats the living shit out of you by punching you on the face repeatedly… My husband would never lay a hand to me in anger like that .. And as for the spankings he and I met on a dating website in which I made it clear that I wanted a DD relationship…I am a submissive by nature but can also tend to be a bit stubborn at times from yrs of circumstances making me that way… I prefer a man who can take charge abd look after his family in a loving manner.. My husband does all these things! He works hard , my family doesn’t want for anything, I am showered with bhugs kisses and tons if attention everyday but there can only be one boss in a relationship and it is him… I don’t Like to fight .. Screaming and yelling at each other in front of your kids only hurts them and usually ends your marriage in divorce… But a good otk spanking ends the arguing,reminds me that I asked him to take charge and ends my stubborn tirade … We always end our session with hugs kisses and forgiveness and we become even closer.can you say the same about arguments with your spouse? Unless you are in their shoes you shouldn’t knock someone else’s lifestyle.. In case you hadn’t noticed there isn’t one person on here that is upset that their spouse soaks them … They are amazingly happy in their relationships… Theta the whole point of the lifestyle, to keep harmony in the relationship. Maybe your just jealous that we have happy homes…

  8. Kili1
    23 Dec 2011 at 5:47 am

    That should have said consensual agreement… I apologize for the spelling my I phone is difficult to type on and likes to change my words.. I must learn to proof read… Lol

  9. leslie S.
    9 Jan 2012 at 3:44 pm

    I have been happily married for 8 years. My husband spanks me regularly.

    I get a weekly hard spanking after church each Sunday and a couple of lighter spankings during the week. If I am disobedient or disrespectful I get anothet hard spanking as soon as we are alone. The weekly Sunday sessions leave me unable to sit for a few hours. Without my husbands love and discipline I would not be able to be happy. I am glad that he understands me. I enjoy being a respectful and obedient wife now and I am very happy in our relationship.

    Before I met my husband I had fantasized about dicipline but I needed to meet the right guy that I could trust to have this level of control over me. I hate admiting this about myself but before I had my husband I was an unhappy bitch. I’m glad I have him.

  10. Leighanne
    10 Jan 2012 at 7:41 am

    I live in just the opposite type of marriage. My wife spanks me and I obey her.

  11. Rachel
    25 Jan 2012 at 1:59 pm

    My husband and I are both in our mid ’20s and have been married for four years. He puts me over his knee for a sound spanking when I get mouthy, bratty or have an attitude, usually right before my time of the month. And even though I’d never admit it to him I feel ever so much better afterward. It’s like the pressure has built up and after he spanks me to where I have a good cry due to both the sting and the humiliation of having had my panties lowered and being put across his knee for a good spanking, I feel so safe, secure and feminine as he wipes away my tears and the lovemaking afterward is always tremendous too.
    Rachel : )

  12. Sue
    26 Jan 2012 at 9:49 pm

    Yikes. Over the last two years I’ve used three different user names on here. Sorry for the confusion everyone, but I don’t want to post my real name. I really wish the people who posted two years ago still came on here. I’m on here tonight because I got my butt busted. Has anyone read the ‘Traditional Love’ series? I can’t think of the author’s name, but she made two novellas about domestic discipline. She uses LDD as her example. Spanking and anal discipline are in there, along with sex. The guys aren’t jerks and she explains how this should work. When you read these posts, the men do sound abusive and that isn’t the case at all. It does sound weird when you read all of this and even my ramblings over two years. If you read the books and they are on amazon, you will understand that the men want you to grow as a person. Today, I was a total basket case, interrupted my husband, doubted him to handle something correctly and basically made him feel like crud. I was totally out of line. Yes, I got spanked and more. He dominated me and got me to calm down. It was like I was reading that book series and said to myself… how does he know what to do? The dh has never read these books. We are equals, but doubting that he can do something right, doubting our relationship and yelling at him for no reason, leads to him gaining control. He uses discipline, sex and love… all at the same time. The whole idea in my case is not so much punishment, but to get things back on track. I like when he gets all alpha on me. You have to be married to someone you totally trust. He holds himself up to very high standards and does not expect anything of me, except to trust him to do the right things for us and to not doubt our relationship. When I doubt, he dominates and that results in me being submissive, which results in me being calm and relaxed. I feel loved. He never abuses me. How come people think it’s okay to spank a kid, but not a wife? I actually don’t believe in spanking children. They can’t consent. I’m an adult and consented to him using domination and controlled force when I am out of control. If you think BDSM isn’t okay, they you aren’t going think this is okay and this is much milder. My dh combines sex with domination and discipline. Not all the time, only when I’m out of line and off the wall yelling at him. Married a really long time here. Sorry for the all names and confusion. I’m confused. I don’t even know which posts are mine anymore. lol. We’ve morphed so much over the last two years, I sound a bit scattered in my stories of my journey. It’s been a roller coaster ride and we stopped at one point, but we’ve worked it out now. He still isn’t always comfortable with this. If he was, I’d be worried. I am well loved also.

  13. Rex Stone
    11 Feb 2012 at 10:39 am

    I am married to a wonderful women except for ONE thing. She does not like to be spanked in any why shape or form! She did indulge me for a few years in the beginning of our marriage but not of late. I miss giving a naughty brats bottom a good sound spanking! What to do. I do not want to cheat on her but it is becoming apparent that I must if I am to indulge in my favorite past time. Spanking for my pleasure and her discipline is my only goal. I do not want sex with other then my wife. I am a Christian and believe in living a DD type relationship is the ideal marriage but I have none. My wife will take a few smacks with the bare hand but no weapons and she puts it! I am tired of my heartache that she loves me but will not trust me in this one and only activity! I Just adore giving a brat (of any age) a nice long but firm spanking to right her ways and help to keep her on the straight and narrow path is all I desire! Is it Wrong for me to seek other ladies outside of my marriage for my pleasure and there’s and chance losing my loving spouse of 16 years? Or do I seek the help of a clinical philologist for advice and what to do! I love my wife but I love to spank girls like no other sport in this world!

  14. Bob
    22 Feb 2012 at 9:41 pm

    I started spanking my wife about 3 years ago.

    She tells me she is much happier now knowing her place is to obey and serve her husband and knowing that I care enough for her to correct her through spanking sessions.

    She is very well trained and there is less and less need to correct her but I spank her, at least once a week, just to let her know she has a loving husband.

  15. Ann
    28 Feb 2012 at 11:08 pm

    Rex, losing your wife over this isn’t worth it and going to someone else is a deal breaker. You have to sit her down and find out what went wrong. Maybe you can come up with rules that she can live by. You need to find out what deep down inside is bothering her about this. A heart to heart talk. Gee, sometimes my husband doesn’t spank me hard enough or is hesitant with it. Sometimes he waits a day or two and second guesses himself. If he knows I really really need it, he does a good job of it. Tonight I had to go to him and tell him I deserved to be punished because I hurt him by not trusting him last week. He was so hurt, he never punished me. Finally I said, you have to or I’ll be a jerk and I’ll do the same destructive thing again. I got undressed totally, handed him a hairbrush and bent over his knee. I submitted to his authority and he punished me soundly. He added anal discipline which he knows I hate. This was not kinky or sexual. This was a real harsh punishment. Once he starts, he does a good job of it, making me wish I wasn’t doing this. I often question… why am I doing DD? I think many women get to a point of questioning it. When I did, my husband took a break and said, you’ll probably want this again. He was right. I did want it again. We had a gap with a no spanking time period. Maybe your wife needs a break to realize she does want this, but with rules and understanding on both sides. I hate the arguing. He doesn’t like to spank me at all. Most men don’t actually want to punish their wives or hurt them. It’s painful to him. He does realize we have a better marriage and I am not stepping all over him. You talk of spanking as a sport and that sounds more sexual and that it’s a game to you and not DD. I think you have to fix how you think of this and make sure you are above reproach 95% of the time. When you think you are and accept that this isn’t a sport, then talk to your wife and find out what she didn’t like about it. You need to go really deep with this and accept that maybe your making a sport of it turned her off to the whole idea. She may have felt unjustly punished. If you went looking for reasons to punish her, then she will feel a victim of your sport. No offense, but don’t go cheating and looking elsewhere. Think hard on why you want this and then find out from her perspective why she doesn’t. You may meet another woman who wants this and then is turned off by your method or way of thinking on this. Maybe you can fix things, but you may have to change your attitude about it all. Yeah, I’ll probably get thumbs down on saying that maybe it’s the way you approach it, but most men don’t want to hit their wives, unless it’s sexual fun. Real punishment is not something a guy wants to do to his wife. When my husband finally gets over that mind block, he does a thorough job of it. I’ll think twice again before I don’t trust the man I trust the most in life. She has to trust you totally and want to submit. You have to get her to that mindset by looking at yourself. If you don’t, it won’t work with another woman in the future. Don’t think this is your wife’s fault totally. It takes two, so try to work it out and learn. If you don’t, it won’t work with someone else. A guy has to learn how be dominant correctly, so that a woman wants to follow him and submit.

  16. Huffy
    5 Jul 2012 at 11:37 pm

    I’m a spanked husband. That’s right guys, I get my bottom tanned by my wife when I screw up. I find this way of life to be one that works for me. I know I’m kind of coming in the back door on this topic,but I think it’s necessary to offer a different perspective. And no, I’m not gay or bi-sexual. I am a man. I’m 6’2 260 lbs. And I am submissive to my wife. When I met my wife, I thought I was going to do the spanking but on our wedding night she seduced me over her knee and my life changed forever. She is something of an aerobics instructor and is in good shape. Now, my spankings are for pissing her off or because I broke some of her house rules. I love my wife and I love my wife. You’re missing out on all the fun guys.

  17. ladyams
    10 Sep 2012 at 5:31 pm

    i have a loving man who will be comming to live with Me soon. He and I both agree that He will be the HOH and I will be punished as He sees fit be it a spanking a grounding an essay or what ever if I misbehave.

  18. Kay
    18 Feb 2013 at 4:52 am

    My husband and I have been married for 30 years. He has always been so gentle with me and pretty much let me have my way and babied me. I have not always given him the respect he deserves and have always had a hard time submitting. I oftentimes allow my temper to get out of hand and I get easily stressed. I wish my husband would dominate me, put me over his knee and give me a good spanking. I think I would be a better wife if he would take control of me in this manner; I guess I am really craving that. I mentioned reading about DD on the internet but he thinks it is silly. He would never spank me, but the thought of him taking charge and putting me in my place is hot.

  19. Liza
    7 May 2013 at 2:53 am

    Spanking bare bottom: it is a Guilty pleasure. And I too enjoy it being the VP of an International bank at Amsterdum.
    my age is now 44 and my Hubby regularly use the cane and belt.
    on Pian i cry and i cry in pleasure and i always climax during spanking.
    Liza Robert

  20. Penny
    9 May 2014 at 11:24 am

    My goodness, no recent posts here! What a shame. I have a spanking husband and would like to talk to other women who get spanked.

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