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  1. MS
    22 Jan 2009 at 11:16 pm

    I told that joke, or rather tried to tell that joke to my cousin’s nine year old daughter last year. My cousin and his wife are very strict…they don’t drink in front of the kids, don’t swear…good people, but much different than most of the rest of us in the family. We’re more inclined to send our grown children to the liquor store to get more beer.

    Anyhow, we’re at his sister’s house in upstate New York for a memorial service for my aunt, their mother. Most of our family is there, his other sisters, their spouses, kids, my parents, brother, kid, and so forth. After having a few too many cans of Labatt Blue and Yuengling, de rigueur for the occasion and geographic location, I decide to tell this knock knock joke to this little girl. It takes me a full minute to remember the whole joke after I’ve already announced I had a joke to tell her.

    So, I finally start the joke, “Knock knock”, she says “Who’s there?”, and I jump straight to the punchline and shout “MOO!!!!” in her face, followed quickly by the realization that I totally blew the joke, and a loud “OH SHIT!!!”, again, right in this nine year old’s face. I thought her mother and father were going to go into convulsions. Her mom’s eyes rolled back in her head for a few seconds even. Of course, everyone else laughed their asses off at me for screwing up the joke. I will never be able to hear or tell that joke again without remembering that incident. Yessiree, one of my finest moments.

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