A Lesson in Trust


The dog has a stuffed bear he likes to sleep with. Unfortunately, it’s now bedtime and we don’t know where the bear is.

Lightning with his bear

“Have you seen his bear?” I ask my wife.

“I think he had it upstairs,” she says. “Either in our room or Casey’s room.”

“Upstairs” and “bear” are two of the words the dog recognizes so he’s already charged upstairs and waiting for me on the top step.

I walk up and ask him, “Where’s your bear?”

He runs into my room. We look around in there and can’t find it so we go down the hall to the boy’s room where he’s sitting on the bed doing homework.

I say to him, “Where is it, you bear-stealin’ varmint?”

He gets up and walks out of the room.

“Thanks for the help,” I call after him. “Come on, Lightning, we’ll conduct the search without him.”

A few moments later, the boy walks back in with the bear in his hand.

“How lame are you?” he asks.

“Where was it?”

“I walked downstairs to the sofa, lifted up the blanket and it was right there,” he says. “Why couldn’t you find it?”

“I didn’t look there because Mom said it was upstairs. See, that’s what you get for trusting people.”

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