James D. Watson Bobblehead, R.I.P.

Watson and SpongeBob

The last place I worked, I kept my James D. Watson bobblehead on a cubicle divider, next to a SpongeBob bobblehead that belonged to a colleague.

Everyone who saw these two guys recognized SpongeBob, but not one person ever recognized James D. Watson.

I mean, they knew it was someone named James D. Watson because his name is right there on the base, but despite the fact that he’s holding a double helix structure, nobody recognized him as James D. Watson, Nobel Laureate and co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule.

(Ironically, one of the main reasons I got into software development was the opportunity to work with smart, educated people.)

I brought Watson with me to the place I work now, but unfortunately I accidentally knocked him off a credenza one morning and his head broke off. I tried a couple of times to glue it back on but it didn’t take. So I had to throw him away.

The real James D. Watson is actually still alive at age 80.

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