The Bumstead Maneuver

The Bumstead Maneuver

On weekends, I’m the king of the sofa at my house. Let me tell you, there’s lazy, and then there’s Sofa King lazy, and I’m the latter.

I nap in one of two positions: facing the front of the sofa or on my back.

Lately I’ve been thinking about adding a new weapon to my arsenal — the Bumstead Maneuver, as popularized by Dagwood Bumstead.

You can see from the illustration that Bumstead is actually taking a nap facing the back of the sofa!

Blogging experts recommend posing a question in your posts, in order to artificially engage the readership, so here goes . . .

Does anyone have any thoughts, pro or con, on adding the Bumstead Maneuver to my repertoire?

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