Microblog: 2009-05-04

  • @llangit 2 electrons walking down the street. 1st says “I think I lost an electron” 2nd: “Are you sure?” 1st: “I’m positive” in reply to llangit #
  • @llangit I meant “2 *atoms* walking…” in reply to llangit #
  • RT @KathySierra: Improving Presos: ditch the opening. All of it. Speaker bio/intro, background, overview… Think: action film, not academic #
  • RT @KathySierra: don’t focus on making a better preso, or becoming a better presenter. Focus on making your participants better/smarter #
  • RT @TinaFey: Even though it’s almost over, May the 4th be with you! #

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