With My Hands Behind My Back

7 May 2009 /

A couple of days ago, I saw one of our senior managers walking down the hallway with her hands clasped behind her back.

Walking with hands behind back

I’d never seen her do that before — the hands thing, I mean. It gave her a different look — in fact, it gave her a different sort of presence — so I decided to try it myself.

I immediately felt more thoughtful — or at least I felt like I looked more thoughtful — like a professor strolling across the quad.

Today I was doing it again when I happened to meet up with the woman I copied it from.

I told her I was trying to emulate her hands-behind-the-back leadership technique.

She said the only reason she’d been doing that is her shoulders were sore from Pilates class and she was trying to stretch them out . . .

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