To Whom It May Concern


Via Best of the Web Today:

  • “Obama Breaks Silence on Gaza, Voices ‘Deep Concern’ Over Civilian Deaths” — headline, Ha’aretz, Jan. 7
  • “Obama Voices Concern About Freed Guantanamo Inmates” — headline, Reuters, Feb. 2
  • “Obama Voices Concern About Pakistan” — headline, New York Times, April 30
  • “Obama Expresses Concern for Tissainayagam” — headline,, May 2
  • “Obama: Long-Term Joblessness a Concern” — headline,, May 20
  • “Obama Says North Korea Nuclear Test a ‘Grave Concern’ ” — headline, Reuters, May 25
  • “Obama to ‘Voice Concerns’ in Egypt Speech” — headline, Hill, May 29
  • “Obama Concerned at Sentence of Journalists in NKorea” — headline, Agence France-Presse, June 8
  • “Obama Names Video Games as Health Concern in Speech to A.M.A.” — headline,, June 15
  • “Obama Has ‘Deep Concerns’ About Iran’s Election” — headline, Newsweek Web site, June 16
  • “Obama Concern About Oil Speculation Unchanged-W.House” — headline, Reuters, June 18
  • “Obama Expresses Deep Concern Over Honduras Coup” — headline, Deutsche Presse Agentur, June 28

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