The Thin Man

3 Jul 2009 /

“The doctor said I’m really skinny,” my son says. “I’m in the 75th percentile for weight but I’m in the 94th percentile for height.”

“That’s not a really big difference,” I say.

“She said I could be 6-foot-4 by the time I’m 20.”

“I’d like to be 6-foot-4.”

“I wouldn’t,” he says. “I’m going to stand out everywhere.”

“I’m 6 feet, maybe a little over, and I’m taller than most people, but if I was 6-foot-4, I’d be definitively taller than most people.”

“Exactly,” he says. “I’ll be a freak.”

“6-foot-4 isn’t a freak. Girls love tall guys.”

“I’ll be an outcast giant.”

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