NARCh Winternationals – Day 4

18 Jan 2010 /


Devil Dogs

This one was like a replay of the third round-robin game.

Final Score: West Coast Warriors 2, Devil Dogs 0


“They couldn’t buy a goal,” one of the moms said.

“Are you allowed to buy goals?” I asked.

“We need to make a new rule for that,” she said.

The Warriors went on to lose 5-1 to NorCal Riot Black in the 16U final. That score surprised me, since NorCal couldn’t score on the Devil Dogs and the Devil Dogs couldn’t score on West Coast.

I’ve got to find out if any parents stayed to watch the final. How did NorCal get 5 goals on the West Coast boys? Whatever they did, the Devil Dogs should start doing it . . .

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