Judging Books by Covers

Sleep little angel

They say you can’t make judgments about people based on what they look like but of course that’s nonsense.

You don’t think so? OK — our office building is right next door to the Orange County Social Services Agency. Once in a while, someone drives into our parking lot and causes me to say to myself, “That person has got to be looking for Social Services.” Because they look like someone whose kids should be taken away from them.

And in every case I’ve been correct — the person goes to the Social Services Agency!

Put that in your juice box and suck it.

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  1. Uzilia Xanthel
    5 Jan 2011 at 3:41 pm

    You need to change your mind set to a more positive out look. Youre objectifying and extremely ignorant. You base everything on looks and give no back up as to why you believe what you believe. Most of the time you forget that people are human, not everyone looks or feels their best every day. YOU are not superior to anyone and neither am i. If i saw someone in such a state that they need help id offer my time, no matter how they identify or present themselves. Becuase when you truly get to the heart of every person you’ll find a center. Now that center can be like you (rotten to the core due to a life of pain, most likely self inflicted) but most times you’ll find a human being that has had a rough life, but they have a family, a personality, and a heart. But judging a book by its cover lets you be shallow and superficial, that is why you hope that you can simply pass by and give everyone a label. Real people are much more diverse. I do hope you realize this soon.

    By the way if youre wondering why i have so much insight, its because im a mature, sophisticated 14 year old kid.

    look me over, pass me by,
    and you will see me later as something important
    in your life.

    remember that the next time you label anyone.

  2. Oman lee
    15 Jan 2011 at 3:57 am

    hey mr author….u r really funny…wud like to chat wid u sometime….i like ur take on many things..it ll b fun to talk to u ..lol

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