HW’s Book Reviews: Go the Fuck to Sleep


If you think saying “fuck” to a toddler is the funniest thing ever, and evidently a lot of people do judging from the rave reviews on Facebook, then you’ll love this book.

SPOILER ALERT: The joke is that infants don’t have the same sleep patterns as grownups — ha ha — which is breaking news to this hapless unfit shithead of a parent, who spews page after page of rhymed obscenities at his child.

I didn’t say “fuck” to my kid until he was a teenager, and even then it wasn’t to be funny.

Seriously: Children are a gift from God and I don’t even believe in God. I love the time that my son and I were boys together more than I love anything.

If you think there’s anything clever or funny about this book, please stay away from me . . .

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