The Cheese Board

Anti-establishment types

Anti-establishment types

One of the highlights of our Berkeley visit was a trip to The Cheese Board for pizza.

We parked on a side street and when we walked around the corner I saw a line of people down the sidewalk.

“What’s that line?” I asked.

“That’s The Cheese Board,” my kid said. “Don’t worry, it goes fast.”

He explained that they only make one kind of pizza per day — always vegetarian — so all you can do is order a slice, a half pizza or a whole pizza and be on your way.

Yesterday’s selection was fresh corn, feta cheese, mozzarella, and cilantro pesto.

Because they serve so fast and the shop is small, there’s not not enough room for all the patrons, many of whom repair to the median on Shattuck Ave. and enjoy their pizza in the shade of the Keep Off Median signs.

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