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“I’m Not Pointing Any Fingers . . .”

10 Jul 2017 /

. . . I say to the only other person who lives in my house, “but SOMEone plucked the toppings off the leftover pizza.”


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The Cheese Board

21 Aug 2011 /
Anti-establishment types

Anti-establishment types

One of the highlights of our Berkeley visit was a trip to The Cheese Board for pizza.

We parked on a side street and when we walked around the corner I saw a line of people down the sidewalk.

“What’s that line?” I asked.

“That’s The Cheese Board,” my kid said. “Don’t worry, it goes fast.”

He explained that they only make one kind of pizza per day — always vegetarian — so all you can do is order a slice, a half pizza or a whole pizza and be on your way.

Yesterday’s selection was fresh corn, feta cheese, mozzarella, and cilantro pesto.

Because they serve so fast and the shop is small, there’s not not enough room for all the patrons, many of whom repair to the median on Shattuck Ave. and enjoy their pizza in the shade of the Keep Off Median signs.

Pizza and Pessimism

11 Jun 2011 /

“There’s a slice of pizza missing,” my son announces.

When I got home from work, there were two slices left over from last night. I ate one and left one for him.

“I calibrated my appetite for two slices,” he says.

“The pessimist,” I say, “sees that there’s one slice missing. The optimist sees that there’s one slice left.”

Another Reason I Like to Phone in My Order

20 May 2011 /

POLICE: Louisville woman pulls sword at Pizza Hut


Twitter: 2009-10-01

1 Oct 2009 /

I Will Always Remember This Day

20 Jan 2009 /

A manager in another department brought in pizza for the IT team today.

Someday I’ll be telling my grandkids, “Of course I remember the Obama inauguration. I got free pizza that day! Unfortunately, that was pretty much the highlight of his entire presidency.”

How Could We Lose to These Idiots?

28 Dec 2006 /
USC Trojans

As I sat in Northwood Pizza last night with my son’s roller hockey team, watching the last few minutes of Florida State’s 44-27 drubbing of UCLA, I was reminded of chess grandmaster Aron Nimzowitsch, who once, after losing a match, climbed on a table and shouted

Why must I lose to this idiot?


Pizza Flashback

26 Aug 2003 /

We had Papa John’s pizza brought in at work today . . .

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