MOCA Cookie Crumbles


Ed Ruscha has resigned as a MOCA trustee, as have John Baldessari, Barbara Kruger and Catherine Opie, leaving no artists on the museum’s board., July 17, 2012

“Art” and “artist” are words that get tossed around pretty lightly. Ruscha‘s work — and the same goes for Baldessari and Kruger — consists of modifying photos and other images, often by writing words on them.

Pay Nothing Until April

It’s like lolcats, minus the occasional wit.

Opie is a photographer whose work is less interesting than the average high school yearbook.

Yesterday, the image below was posted on the MOCA Facebook page. It’s an actual museum piece called “Earthwork aka Untitled (Dirt).”

Earthwork aka Untitled (Dirt)

Yes, it looks like a pile of dirt, but if you click the image to enlarge it, you can see that it’s actually — a pile of dirt!

This is risk-taking art, the risk being that the cleaning crew may accidentally sweep it up and throw it in the garbage.

No doubt the four retiring geniuses can put forth a critical theory, based on “the process of creation,” to explain why a pile of dirt becomes “art” when placed within the walls of a museum. I say good riddance and take your dirt with you.

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