You’re Gonna Like the Way You Look


I know George Zimmerman has had a lot on his plate lately, but when is he going to get back to doing those Mens Wearhouse commercials?

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  1. 14 Aug 2013 at 4:17 am

    Was in Orlando yesterday which is a sbruub of Sanford (snark) so feel as if I should take complete responsibility for the arrest. Second-degree sounded about right. As per Rev. Al, I was never much of a fan, even after he lost all of the weight. But I’m not convinced that the arrest would have happened if Al and Jesse and the gang had not jumped on and hyped this. Its been a month and a half since the shooting and Zimmerman is just now getting arrested. If no one makes a scene, does he still get arrested. I’m not convinced that he does. But the people that complain about Al and Jesse running in front of any camera when it’s got the red light on, ignore the myriad of righties that do the same thing. If you wanted to really impact race relations, some white spokesmen should have stood up and be in the place where Rev. Al and Jesse were screaming saying that this shooting and non-arrest were not ok. Where were all the white preachers? White politicians? Crickets.

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