Inexplicable Things Happen When You Buy CLIF Bars by the Box


For reasons that have never been unraveled, when you go to Trader Joe’s and buy a box of CLIF Bars, rather than just scanning the product code on the box, they have to open the box, take out one of the individual bars, scan it, ring it up with a quantity of 12, and then stuff it back in the box.

But not today! Today, when I bought my box of CLIF Bars, the checker had an individual bar sitting next to the register. She just scanned that bar instead of opening the box.

“Is this new?” I asked. “Keeping a CLIF Bar next to the register for scanning purposes?”

“No,” she said, “a woman bought a box earlier and didn’t want me to open it so I got a bar off the shelf to scan it and then just kept it here.”

“Hmmm . . . maybe she was buying them as collectibles, like baseball cards. It makes the value go down if you open the box.”

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