God Asks a Question


Following the Orlando shootings, a Connecticut congressman says this:

I fire the question right back at God: “You’re God. What did you do?”

Now he may say that he gives us tools to help ourselves, and failing to use them defies his wisdom. But he’s God. He knows when he gives us the tools that we’re not going to use them. And then he tries to pin the blame on us?

No, there’s no wriggling out of it, in my view . . .

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    16 Jun 2016 at 3:18 am

    It makes more sense to approach the problem from another perspective. Both God and children are often used as justifications for getting what people want.

    Once large numbers of humans became wise enough to realize the notion of an all powerful Middle Eastern despot in the sky was most likely a human invention used to terrify illiterate masses, children became convenient reasons for getting what adults wanted done.

    Meanwhile, given how well the war on drugs has gone, gun control should prove to be a resounding success.

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