Hillary Clinton and the New Ghostbusters


The Democratic party and the makers of the new Ghostbusters movie apparently share the idea that you can foist a transparently awful product on the American public as long as you have females in the lead role(s).

Have you watched a Hillary Clinton speech? I yawn and cringe in equal measure.

At a campaign stop in North Carolina she actually read the word “sigh” — intended as a cue that she should sigh at that point in the speech — from a teleprompter. I cringed twice, once when she read it and once when I reflected on the phoniness of a candidate needing to be scripted to that degree.

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    17 Jul 2016 at 12:07 am

    Both major political parties have presumptive presidential nominees that alienate large proportions of the American public. While Democratic leadership engineered the rise of a two-faced bitch, Republicans are stuck with a narcissistic twit.

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