One Thing I Can’t Tolerate is Intolerance: BYU Edition


LGBT values

What values are we talking about? Tolerance for sexual preferences? What about tolerance for religious beliefs? You want tolerance for what makes you different but you’re not willing to extend tolerance to what makes others different? That’s not tolerance. There’s a word for what that is, and it’s not tolerance.

What about inclusiveness? Is inclusiveness a good value? Should the Big 12 exclude BYU to promote inclusiveness? That’s not inclusiveness.

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    10 Aug 2016 at 5:11 am

    Because most individuals or groups have their prejudices, the result is a rank-ordering of their preferences. In the case of the Big 12 versus BYU, there is an obvious, and probably irreconcilable, mismatch in the relevant alignment thereof.

    Put another way, BYU may be thought of as BJU’s far west campus.

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