Girls With Working Moms Fare Better?

Working woman

Via LinkedIn:

Girls who grow up with working moms are more likely to have careers themselves and to have higher paying jobs in the future, according to a report in Fortune, citing study data. The research found that, “daughters of working mothers in the U.S. make about 23% more than daughters of stay-at-home mothers.”

This article is headlined — inaccurately, in my view — Girls with working moms fare better.

Shouldn’t the headline stay with the facts and say “Girls with working moms make more money” instead of “Girls with working moms fare better”?

“Fare better”

  1. seems to reflect an inappropriately narrow obsession with money as the only metric for measuring life outcomes.
  2. misrepresents facts to promote an opinion, i.e., “working moms are good for society.”

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