Thomas Jefferson: Jim Acosta vs. Ernie Pyle

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

I see that journalists are now positioning themselves as putting their lives on the line for America.

Some poor fool at CNN was afraid of being murdered when he showed up at a Trump rally and people chanted “CNN sucks!”

He’s not exactly Ernie Pyle, is he?

A CNN reporter at a Trump rally is like a guy wearing a Yankees jersey to a Red Sox game. “You suck” doesn’t mean “I want to murder you.”

I have never heard anyone advocating violence against journalists except other journalists. It’s all they talk about. There’s going to be violence against journalists! Our lives are in jeopardy!

In the event of violence against journalists, no one will happier than journalists, because they will blame it on President Trump.

Meanwhile, in a journalistic spirit of peace and rapprochement, the New York Times has just added a woman to its editorial board who encourages her Twitter followers to “kill all men.”

Thomas Jefferson

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