Teaching Computer Science: Inequality = Bad?


I’m volunteering a couple mornings a week in a high school computer science class . . .


“Why don’t schools and classes have sponsors?” I ask one of the teachers. “When my kid was in school, they were always complaining about not having enough money. So why couldn’t you, for example, come in and say, ‘Hey kids, before you come to 1st period, make sure you have a good breakfast at McDonald’s. I’m lovin’ it!’?

“And McDonald’s pays you 100 grand or whatever to say that.”

“My concern,” he says, “is that would lead to more inequality in education.”

I’m not sure he really thought that through. It seems more like a mechanical response to an abstract notion, i.e., “Inequality is bad.”

As a parent, I always supported inequality in education. I wanted my kid to get the best possible education, better than most other kids.

As a classroom volunteer, I want kids in my classes to get a better computer science education than kids in other classes where a computing professional is not present.

Does a teacher really think that students at his school should not be allowed to get a better education than students at other schools?

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