Incitement of Violence


Apple CEO Tim Cook said the removal of Parler from Apple’s online store was done because the company doesn’t consider incitement of violence free speech.

“We looked at the incitement to violence that was on there and we don’t consider that free speech and incitement of violence has an intersection,” Cook told Fox News anchor Chris Wallace.

Yes, “incitement of violence” is the party line and Tim Cook I guess is just a puppethead.

Despite the faux outrage over the Capitol riot, the virtuous left seems ok with using and endorsing violence when it suits them. Antifa has had ongoing riots in major American cities. Left-wing “protests” often include looting, smashing store windows, burning down people’s homes and businesses.

An MLK Day protest in New York City this week resulted in 11 police officers injured and 28 arrests.

If you try to get a conservative speaker on a college campus, people will show up in black clothing with masks, hoods, helmets, weapons, firebombs and try to violently shut the thing down.

How are all these things planned and incited? Not on Parler obviously. If Tim Cook or anyone else sincerely objects to incitement of violence (spoiler alert: they don’t), why aren’t they identifying other platforms and communication channels and shutting them down as well?

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