Do You Know What They Call a Quarter-Pounder in Denmark?


Denmark doesn’t have a statutory minimum wage though.

Per-capita income in the US is about the same as in Denmark, even though we are a multi-cultural nation of around 330 million people that naturalizes another 900,000 people every year, many from poor nations, and that Denmark is a homogeneous country of fewer than 6 million citizens that, in recent years, has effectively shut down its borders to poor immigrants.

Also, in Denmark, everyone pays high taxes, not just the high earners.

A Danish fast-food employee at $22/hr (about $45,000/yr) pays around half their earnings to the government, plus a 25% value-added tax on most purchases. In return, it must be noted, Danes receive all kinds of government-provided services.

Ocasio-Cortez says, “when we keep the minimum wage artificially low, it’s at a huge cost to our government, . . . they’re essentially enormous subsidies to Walmart.”

She’s against subsidies?

Regarding McDonald’s, every one of their restaurants I’ve patronized recently has touch-screen self-service kiosks. Grocery stores have self-service checkouts. I also noticed today for the first time that CVS had installed a couple of self-service checkouts.

Minimum-wage workers are being replaced by robots.

Ocasio-Cortez is correct in saying that a minimum wage is artificial, but it’s just as artificial at $15 as it is at some lower number.

The Congressional Budget Office says that 1.4 million people would lose work due to a $15 national minimum wage. That would put them at the only non-artificial minimum wage: zero.

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