See You in Hell, Violent Idiots


[See You in Hell is a feature by our guest blogger, Satan — PE]

Greetings mortals!

I was reading about the shootings that occurred in Atlanta last Tuesday. The author says, “Eight people were murdered. Six of them were Asian-American women. It seems impossible to feel this as anything other than anti-Asian and misogynistic violence.”

Here’s a tip: Whenever someone prefaces an opinion by saying “it’s impossible to feel differently about this than the way I feel about it,” the speaker is full of shit.

State your case. Hit me with some evidence.

If the shooter had opened fire in a supermarket like the violent idiot in Boulder, he could have killed anyone he wanted to. Had he killed mostly Asian women, then I’d say you’ve got a good case for anti-Asian, misogynistic violence.

But the guy in Atlanta shot up massage parlors. He blamed them for turning him into a sex addict.

You can’t swing a cat in a massage parlor without knocking down an Asian woman and if you open fire in a massage parlor, you’re going to hit a lot of Asian women because that’s who’s there.

See you in Hell!

P.S. The shooter in Boulder was initially thought to be a white guy. After about 750,000 “white supremacy” tweets, Twitter had to stand down when it turned out he’s Arabic.

Multiple “blue checks,” including the USA Today Race and Inclusion Editor and the niece of the vice president of the United States, along with the usual collection of idiots, then decided it would be in their best interest to delete one or more racially focused tweets, and in at least one case, to delete their entire account.

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