And That’s the Truth: Columbus Cop Saves Black Girl’s Life

Sojourner Truth

[And That’s the Truth is a feature by our guest blogger, Sojourner Truth — PE]

I don care how old she is, if some 200-pound female be swingin a 6-inch kitchen knife at one o’ my chillen, I hope dey’s a cop there to shoot her.

People say cops need more trainin’, that the cop shoulda tasered her, or hit her with a baton or some pepper spray, or shot her in the leg or sumthin. Man you dumbfucks be watchin too much television. Maybe he shoulda shot the knife right outta her hand like Clint Eastwood.

When you get on a airplane, do you tell the pilot how to fly it? Do you tell doctors how to do surgery? Do you tell mechanics how to fix a motor?

Maybe we need more trainin for chillen not to be stabbin people in broad daylight.

I know they’s people think it makes sense to meet lethal force with non-lethal force but you caint ask ’em how dat worked out ’cause they all dead.

You see the girl in pink here:

That's a stabbing

She in a combination between a dee-fensive posture and collapsin in terror cause she knows she got about 1 second to live but the cop saved her life. She wasnt gonna get no help from the guy on the right. He hightailin’ it.

I dont even know why cops show up for calls like this. It’s what you call a lose-lose. It’s probly gonna ruin your life if you shoot the knife girl and its probly gonna ruin your life if you let the pink girl get stabbed.

If I was a cop I swear to god I’d never leave the station house.

And that’s the Truth!

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