Thomas Jefferson: Why Are Democratic Cities Such Disaster Areas?

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

A lot of people ask me, “Tom, why are Democrat-run cities such shitholes?” I was reminded of this by President Biden’s upcoming “soak the rich” tax plan.

In my view, there are three Democratic philosophies that destroy American cities. For example, did you know that Detroit in 1950 was the richest city in America? Now it’s a wasteland where half the residents can’t even read.

The first philosophy is that Democrats hate rich people because “they don’t pay their fair share.” What is their “fair share”? What is your “fair share” of what someone else has worked for? I would suggest it’s nothing, but Democrats enact punitive tax rates on the most productive people, who then leave town and go somewhere else.

The second philosophy is that Democrats hate business because corporate fat cats “don’t pay their fair share.” So they enact anti-business policies, the result being that businesses leave town and go somewhere else.

And the third philosophy is that Democrats are soft on crime because they like to call Republicans racists for wanting to live in safe cities, the result being that Democratic cities have a lot of violent crime.

These policies at a federal level have a somewhat different effect because it’s harder for people and businesses to move out of the country than to move out of a city, but people can move their money out of the country and businesses can move their operations and jobs out of the country.

Rich people are rich because they’re good at holding onto their money and not paying it all out in taxes to fools like Joe Biden.

Thomas Jefferson

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