Thomas Jefferson: I’m Spinning In My Grave

Thomas Jefferson

My fellow Americans –

I read a Rasmussen report stating that 47% of voters think the presidential election was stolen via fraudulent behavior by Democrats.

You might say, well, those 47% are just the Republican losers, but the numbers include 30% of Democratic voters and 39% of independents.

As I understand it, on election night, ballot counters in several states (WI, MI, PA) all got tired at the same time, sent Republicans home, then caught a second wind and found hundreds of thousands of Biden ballots.

If you think of it as a multi-player game where there is an optimal amount of cheating, but the players have no contemporaneous knowledge of one another’s attempts to cheat, and too much cheating by any increases the probability of detection for all, you can rather readily see how we could be left with an embarrassment of cheating evidence, such as Biden getting 80 MILLION VOTES, when the run-up to the election had Trump holding rallies at which 50,000 people stood in line for a mile to get in, while the enthusiasm and excitement for Biden (i.e., none) had him holding rallies that were more like gatherings, where they drew circles on the ground to show everyone where to stand.

I’m spinning in my grave as the United States of America becomes an international laughingstock, where massive voter fraud has become an acceptable form of democracy.

Thomas Jefferson

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