Chess Game of the Day: French Defense Mangled


One of my online chess games. Some annotations below . . .

2. Nc3 A typical French Defense would go 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3. I like to play 2. Nc3 first just to see what happens. Usually Black plays 2. …d5 3. d4 and everything is back to normal.

3. …f5? Have not seen this but it doesn’t look promising.

7. …c6? Black may not have a really appealing move here. White is about to make hash of the Black kingside.

7. …c5 It might be in Black’s interest to avoid the check at h5 with 7. …h5 or 7. …Kf1 but this move need not have turned out as badly as it did.

11. …Bxf5?? Capturing the queen must have been tempting but leads to an immediate loss. 11. …Nc6 avoids the upcoming check at a5, and 12. dxc6?? does allow the bishop to capture the queen as Black now has an escape square at c6.

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