Musk vs. Markey: A Battle of Wits With an Unarmed Man


Pardon me for stating the obvious but Senator Ed and a lot of other pissy little congresspeople were fine with Big Tech’s self-regulation when that meant censoring people and ideas that they didn’t like.

They’re also fine with the whims of billionaires like Zuckerberg, Soros, (former billionaire) SBF and so on when those whims include making massive donations to Democratic candidates and causes.

A quick Web search on Ed Markey reveals that he went to law school, went into politics, has apparently never done a productive day’s work in his life, but he wants to tell the world’s greatest entrepreneur how to run a business.

“Congress must pass laws!” That’s the problem. People get into Congress and they think that Congress has to pass laws. We don’t need any more goddamn laws. Every law takes away freedom or money (which is another form of freedom, the freedom to earn a dollar and spend it the way you want to).

We can all (well, many of us) figure out how to get through life without so many goddamn laws.

Finally, why is Senator Ed’s avatar wearing a mask? Can an avatar get COVID?

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