It All Depends on Who’s Slinging the Hash


It is shocking! I haven’t been as shocked since Claude Rains discovered gambling at Rick’s Cafe.

I think Democrats really do believe that the role of corporate media in general and CNN in particular is to serve as a public relations arm of the Democratic party. A journalist taking an adversarial position vis-a-vis a Democratic representative should not be allowed to have a job.

What CNN commentator Scott Jennings said is that Ilhan Omar is a “public relations agent for Hamas living in the United States Congress.”

To me, that’s a pretty good one-liner, no better or worse than political barbs I read every day. All the people that I see complaining about the remark are people who’ve called Donald Trump Hitler, Satan, a fascist, a racist, a white supremacist, a dictator, etc., for the last eight years. If you want to dish it out, you’ve got to be able to take it.

You could make what I think is an excellent case that Jennings’ remark was not based on “Islamophobia” but on things that Rep. Omar has said, including that she is “Somali first, Muslim second” (where does “American” rank?) and that she is “here to protect the interests of Somalia from inside the U.S. system.”

She also falsely pushed Hamas propaganda by claiming Israel bombed the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. The U.S. intelligence assessment was that the hospital was hit by a Hamas rocket. While she didn’t retract her original remarks, she did subsequently say that it’s important to ensure that information comes from credible sources.

I’m glad that neither Ilhan Omar, nor any of the people defending her, is my congressional representative. What a bunch of crybabies. I want a freedom fighter.

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