No Idea How to Address Gun Violence


Joe Biden is not a serious person. He wants more gun laws but doesn’t enforce the gun laws we already have, like the ATF Form 4473, a federal form required to buy a gun in the United States.

Among other things, the form is intended to prevent crack addicts from buying guns. Lying on the 4473 — for example, saying you’re not a crack addict when you are, like your son Hunter did — carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years, but Hunter won’t be going to prison because he got a plea deal.

And the Democratic Party is not a serious party. I haven’t heard a single Democrat say the plea deal is a joke and Hunter should go to prison.

Yes I know the president doesn’t want his son to go to prison, even though he boasts about sending other people’s kids to prison for lying on a 4473. But if you’re going to continually advocate for more and more gun laws, which is what Democrats do, then you should goddamn well be enforcing the ones we already have.

Here’s Kamala Harris, the vice president, also not a serious person, also calling for more gun laws.

Baltimore, like every other city with a lot of gun violence — Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC and others — is all Democrats. They have not elected a Republican to any political office probably in my lifetime.

Same in Los Angeles, where I live. The mayor is a Democrat, as is every member of the city council.

Democrats in these cities can pass any laws they want to with no Republican opposition. Baltimore already has “commonsense” gun laws, which don’t work.

If all you’ve got regarding gun violence is “More gun laws,” then you have no idea how to address gun violence.

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