Racist Dog Whistles for Racist Dogs?


A longstanding argument against affirmative action is that if you’re a member of an affirmative action-eligible group, it’s difficult — it’s not impossible, but it’s difficult — for anyone to figure out whether your achievements are the result of merit or whether they were gifted to you.

If someone wants to assume the worst, the numbers back them up. For decades, affirmative action candidates have been admitted to colleges and professional schools with much lower academic qualifications than other candidates.

DEI is the new affirmative action. (It seems illegal to me since Title VII doesn’t differentiate between “good” discrimination and “bad” discrimination.) Companies and organizations have been promoting themselves as supporters of DEI, creating the problem that DEI-eligible employees are often seen as less qualified, and calling someone a “DEI hire” has become an insult.

The solution is to get rid of DEI. I don’t know if that’s going to happen but anyone willing to accept the benefits of being a DEI hire has to equally willing to accept the scorn. You’ve done it to yourself.

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